POC Newsletter 1/29/08

CALLOUT tomorrow night!! Jan. 30, 7pm in WTHR 200. Come and help out and show your support! Wear your POC shirts! Also, an important note- tomorrow is Kate Sipla and I's birthdays!! So you better wish us happy birthday! (:

Roll Session, Wed 8-9:30. But Canceled on Friday! Meet in the co-rec dive well on Wednesday!

If you have any more ideas/suggestions or whatnot about the info clinic things that Andy has been talking about (i.e. having speakers at meeting to teach about knots, backpacking, safety, etc), email him! avconsta at

Lock-In: Feb. 29, at Hoosier Heights in Bloomington. Make sure you email Jenny if you are coming, she needs a head count to determine prices! jfarney at

Info Video- Dave & Shelley are working up ideas for the video for school aged kids- informational about the environment & safety and what not. If you would like to help out, with planning, shooting, editing, etc, email Dave at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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