POC Newsletter 1/22/08

***Congratulations to the teams that finished POCAR!! 24 of the 46 teams completed the course this year! Citgo won first place; they did the race in about 15 hours! First in Collegiate was Cups Overfloweth.

***POC CALLOUT is next Wed, Jan. 30 in WTHR 200! Spread the word! We will be meeting to put up flyers (inside buildings) this Friday at 6pm, at the top entrance to WTHR 200. The flyers should be there for you. Please come and help out!! As an extra incentive, I do believe we will be ordering some good old fashioned POC-provided pizza! (:

***POCAR volunteers- if you did not get the shirt size you wanted, email Andy with your correct shirt size and they will get it for you. avconsta at

***ROLL sessions this week (and every week): Wednesday 8-9:30, Friday 7-8:30. Meet in the dive well of the pool at the co-rec, and work on your kayaking skills!

***For the lock-in this semester: Would you prefer to go to Hoosier Heights or Towers? Email Jenny and put one or the other in the subject line! jfarney at


***Caving trip to Sullivan cave in Bedford, IN: This Saturday. Just a day trip. Probably leaving around 9 in the morning, and getting back Saturday evening. Email Andy if you're interested, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

***Bouldering Competition this Saturday at Hoosier Heights in Bloomington! If you want to go email Jenny at jfarney at


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