POC Newsletter 12/4/07

Everyone, Ivy is sick or busy or something so here is the newsletter

- POCar deadline has been extended one week to allow for all you slackers to get your forms in. Go to the website for more information and GET SIGNED UP! ( Look for an update on the website in the afternoon with more info on pocar!

- This was our last meeting of the semester. The list will be your only resource on what is going on over break. Go do something cool if you can and we'll see you back as soon as we can next semester.
- CPR is coming.. Look for it. it'll be about $10 to learn how to save a life and play with defibs J
- NO Roll sessions next week
- Roll session this week Wed: 8-9:30 and Friday 7-8:30.. come take a break from studying!
- Good luck on finals and don't forget to get outside when you can! - Oh and Jenny is prob going climbing.. she'll clarify if I'm right.

Take it easy,

David Nelson POC Prez

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