POC Newsletter 11/06/07

 Hey guys!
Just in case you missed the meeting, the pizza was fantabulous!

~We are trying to get a group together to go before the RSC peeps and some other people (athletic dept. or something?) to petition for a climbing wall for the Co-rec! They are planning a revamping of the corec, sometime, and we need to get
our word in! Email Joe if you want to help out! joek at (sorry, I know I'm terrible at the note taking, but seriously, who choose me for secretary? not my fault.)

~Roll Session this week! Meet in the dive well at the co-rec Wednesdays 8-9:30
and Fridays 7-8:30. Kayaking is fun- so go do it! That's inspiration for you.

~POCAR registration will be open Soon! Kristen just got the new forms today so as soon as those get put up online register your teams!

~The LOCK-IN is THIS FRIDAY!! Meet behind the co-rec at 7 to arrange rides and head down to Indy! Even if you're not a climber, go and have fun! There are plenty of other things to do down there besides just climbing! Cost is $10, plus split up gas prices.

Auf Wiedersehen,

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