POC Newsletter 9/18/07


*POC Picnic is next Tuesday (the 25th), 7pm, at Pickett Park (down at 3rd St. & McCormick- map to follow). We will have our meeting there after/during eating. Burgers, buns, condiments, chips & drinks will be provided. Email me back if you would like a veggie burger.

*Backpacking callout is the 29th weekend, and they can still take some more people. Email joe at jpbledso at if you want to go! There are going Friday night through Sunday.

*Rob & Grant are starting a Mondays mountain biking thing- meet 5:30 on the Grant St. side of the Union- they'll be doing the trail at Murdock park. Everyone is welcome!

*Jenny are going climbing at the Red River Gorge (Kentucky) this weekend- email Jenny to join in on the fun at jfarney at Beginners welcome.

*Climbing trip to Towers in Indy on Thursday, meet behind the co-rec at 5:30. Go get your climb on, and get strong! (if that's your thing)

*Roll Sessions- are Wednesdays 8-9:30 and Fridays 7-8:30. Come right at the start either night this week to take your required swim test! Roll Sessions are learning how to roll a kayak back to upright position- so that you can go on
rivers and be kickass.

*POCTOBERFEST- keep october break open! Details coming soon- we will be going to West Virginia tho- and camping all together, camping paid for by the club. All sports should be represented, and it will be a blast! honestly.

*Gear note- get your gear turned back in! Oh, and from now on you will be required to show your POC membership card to the gear gal/guy in order to check out your gear!

I think that's it. I'll send out a reminder email about the picnic when it gets closer.


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