POC Newsletter 8/21/07

Hey Pocers!

**POC callout is next Wednesday, Aug 29, at 7 pm. It is scheduled for PHYS 223, but this may be changed, watch for an update.

**POC Flyers for the callout- we will meet to post the flyers on Friday & Monday, time TBA. Dave/Joe will be printing them off & possibly revamping them. We really need to get the word out- please volunteer some of your precious time and help out!

**Thursday meet Jenny behind the CoRec at 5 to go to down to Climbtime Towers in Indy. This is a good place to learn some skills before you can go climb the harder stuff outside. You know you need some skills.

**There are no scheduled roll sessions (kayaking at the corec) for this week. We will announce the schedule as soon as we know it. They will probably be Wednedays & Fridays.

**Next Tuesday we will be camping out at the Memorial Mall all day & spending the night to promote the callout (& the club). We will also be having the meeting there at Memorial Mall, and not in EE! It will be fun, everyone should stop by and join us in our shinanigans.

(: Cheers?


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