POC Newsletter 4/10/07

- The picnic will be in two weeks, April 24th, during dead week! The meeting will basically be at the picnic, at Pickett park, check the attached map made courtesy of Ari, in years past. Free hot dogs, burgers, brats, probably some veggie stuff. Slacklining and hacky-sack will no doubt follow/accompany.

- We have new officers!

  • President - Dave Nelsen
  • VP Programs - Ivy Mills
  • VP Newsletter - Ivy Mills, holy crap!
  • Treasurer - Elise Lindstrom
  • Gear Gurus - Any Constantino, Kristin Hamann, Chris Bruinsma
  • Health & Safety Consultant - Michael Carney
  • Climbing Consultants - Krisin Hamann, Jenny Farney
  • Kayaking Consultants - Dave Nelsen, Nick Ruark
  • Backpacking Consultants - Joe Bledsoe, Laurie Duncan
  • Mountain Biking Consultants - Rob Spiewak, Grant Davis
  • POCAR Consultants - Kristin Hamann, Andy Constantino, Chris Bruinsma
  • Adventure Racing Consultants - Ryan Blank
  • Faculty Advisor - Joe Krueger, John Patterson

Outgoing Trips!!!

- I'm goin to Towers Thursday, leaving at 5:00-ish. Let me know if you're going, mgluesen at
- Joe might wanna go to the Red this weekend, jlkruege at

- Roll sessions are going on this week at the dive well in the Aquatic Center, Wednesday 8:00-9:30 (I think) and Fri 7:00-8:15. jhscott at or drnelson at

 - Brian Kozak is thinking of a mountaineering trip with Rando Commando, sometime in May. It'll be in the Cascades, probably Mt. Hood or Mt. Adams. Let him know if you wanna go, bkozak at


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