POC Newsletter 4/3/07

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you come to the meeting next week, because we're having elections.

- TURN IN YOUR GEAR. By now you should know if you're a culprit or not.
- Elections are NEXT WEEK! Start nominating people (or ask someone to nominate you, or nominate yourself) if you want to be a consultant or the President, Treasurer, or VP of whatever. Check on the website for all the positions. Email Joe (joek at if you want to nominate someone.

- President:   Jenny Farney Dave Nelson Marie Abernathey
- VP Programs:   Ivy Mills Joe Bledsoe
- VP Newsletter:   Ivy Mills
- Treasurer - Gear Guy/Gal Andy Constantino Kristin Hamann
- Health and Safety Consultant:   Andy Constantino
- Climbing Consultant:   Jenny Farney Kristin Hamann Marie Abernathey
- Kayaking Consultant:   Dave Nelson Nick Ruark
- Backpacking Consultant:   Laurie Duncan Rob Spiewak Joe Bledsoe
- Caving Consultant:   Joe Bledsoe
- Mountain Biking Consultant:    

- T-shirts have been reduced! $8 for shirts. So buy 5 and give them to your whole family. They will love the synthetic-ness of them. Outgoing Trips!!! Kayaking - Roll sessions are going on this week at the dive well in the Aquatic Center, Friday from 6:45-8:15 jhscott at or drnelson at

- Lock-in on April 6th!!! Come climb all night and eat pizza and drink soda/pop/coke/cola/whatever you want to call it for $10. We'll have games and lots of fun stuff to do. Maybe some crate climbing or a twist on the original twister. Meet behind the co-rec at 8. The night officially starts at Towers at 9pm. Rock on! signed, the only person who wants to be stuck between a rock and a hard place

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