POC Newsletter 3/27/07

Brought to you exclusively by the Duff Beer Co. and Bachelor Chow Inc.

- Elections are coming up! Start nominating people (or ask someone to nominate you, or nominate yourself) if you want to be a consultant or the President, Treasurer, or VP of whatever. Check on the website for all the positions. Email Joe (joek at if you want to nominate someone.
- TURN IN YOUR GEAR. Zach is doing an inventory after the meeting NEXT WEEK, so make sure it's in by then. We need to do this so we can buy new gear. So clean out your closets and car trunks and get your gear in.

Outgoing Trips!!!

- There's a trip to Towers Thursday, leaving around 6:00. mgluesen at
- There's a trip to the Red River Gorge this weekend. Leaving Friday, coming back Sunday night. Email Joe (joek at if you want to go. If you're a beginner and want to go, learn how to belay (aka go to towers on Thursday) then email me (tgermon at and I'll get you set up with what you need.


- I'm assuming Roll sessions are going on this week at the dive well in the Aquatic Center, same times as usual. jhscott at or drnelson at

- Lock-in on April 6th!!! Come climb all night and eat pizza for $10. We'll have games and lots of fun stuff to do. Maybe some crate climbing or a twist on the original twister. And of course, we can't have a lock-in without the traditional topless climbing (see pic).

Rock on, Interim VP of Newsletter Tom PS any bashing, prodding, or mocking should be forwarded directly to me (jlkruege at Don't worry, I'll get it.

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