POC Newsletter 3/6/07

- If you want to be a club member, join the listserv. Oh, you're already on it? Is that why you're getting this right now? Well, if you want to be a FULL member, which means you can check out gear and be a lot cooler, you need to pay Carol $20 for a semester or $25 for a year, which you can do at our meetings, Tuesdays at 7:00 in RSC 122a. Carol's e-mail is johns266 at
- If you want to take Mike's CPR, First Aid, and AED training session, let him know. Two 3-hour sessions on a Mon and Wed, starting 3/19 or 3/26, $20 a member's head. miketalexander at

- We almost always meet behind the Co-Rec for trips. Check the attached picture for just where we mean :) We carpool, and riders (not drivers) pay for gas.

Outgoing Trips!!!


- There's a trip to Towers Thursday, leaving at 5:00-ish. Let me know if you're going, mgluesen at

  • "Towers" is Climb Time Towers. "Climb Time" is Climb Time Indy. Both are climbing gyms an hour south of here. A great place to get better at climbing, people of all skill levels should totally come all the time, to either.

- The spring break trip to Red Rocks, NV (12 miles outside Las Vegas) is leaving at the end of this week. If Tom or Joe doesn't already know you're going, let them know tonight or you really won't be able to. Tom is tgermon at, Joe is joek at
- There might also be a trip to the Red probably Sat-Tue, e-mail Joe Bledsoe at jpbledso at, although he's not the leader. o The Red is the Red River Gorge, 5 hours south in KY.


- Roll sessions are going on this week at the dive well in the Aquatic Center, Wednesday 8:00-9:30 (I think) and Fri 7:00-8:15, Might wanna double check that Wednesday time with Jason or Dave at jhscott at and drnelson at

  • Roll session is where you go to have fun kayaking in a pool and learn how to roll yourself back up once you get flipped upside-down in a kayak. It's a critical skill and required to go on kayaking trips.

- There will be a spring break kayaking trip as well, but it's full. E-mail Dave if you want to bother him drnelson at


- Alex is wanting to get together a spring break trip to VA, e-mail him at smith507 at


- Brian Kozak is going Mountaineering in the CO Front Range over spring break. He and a friend are ascending a 14'er and can brief anybody on all you need to know. If you want to come you need to let him know tonight, preferably before this e-mail goes out :-) bkozak at


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