POC Newsletter 2/21/07

- If you want to be a club member, join the listserv. Oh, you're already on it? Is that why you're getting this right now? Well, if you want to be a FULL member, which means you can check out gear and be a lot cooler, you need to pay Carol $20 for a semester or $25 for a year, which you can do at our meetings, Tuesdays at 7:00 in RSC 122a. Carol's e-mail is johns266 at
- Buy our T-shirts, they are lonely and want some lovin' (don't worry, they've been washed since the last time they did get lovin') (also don't worry again, that was a joke). We have over 40 left from previous years, they are comfy synthetic and cost $12. johns266 at
- Mike is setting up a CPR, First Aid, and AED training session soon, and wants to know how many people would be interested. Two 3-hour sessions on a Mon and Wed, $20 a member's head. Let him know by Friday at miketalexander at
- We almost always meet behind the Co-Rec for trips. Check the attached picture for just where we mean :) We carpool, and riders (not drivers) pay for gas.

Outgoing Trips!!!

- The climbing callout is this weekend! It will be at Climb Time Towers, both nights this weekend, go to either or both. We'll meet behind the Co-Rec at 6:00 Friday and 5:00 Saturday. Trips to the gym are always great for beginners but the callout is especially for the experienced people to show new climbers the ropes. E-mail Tom if you're interested, tgermon at

  • "Towers" is Climb Time Towers. "Climb Time" is Climb Time Indy. Both are climbing gyms an hour south of here. A great place to get better at climbing, people of all skill levels should totally come all the time, to either.

- There's also a trip going to Towers today (Wednesday), leaving at 5:00-ish, e-mail Kristin if you're in, khamann at - There's *also* a trip to Climb Time Indy on Thursday at 6:00-ish, e-mail me if you're in, mgluesen at I'll probably go Saturday night, too.
- The spring break trip to Red Rocks, NV (12 miles outside Las Vegas) is coming up, e-mail Tom at tgermon at if you're going and check out the message board (from the POC site) for more details.


- Roll sessions are going on this week at the dive well in the Aquatic Center, Wednesday 8:00-9:30 (I think) and Fri 7:00-8:15, Might wanna double check that Wednesday time with Jason or Dave at jhscott at and drnelson at

  • Roll session is where you go to have fun kayaking in a pool and learn how to roll yourself back up once you get flipped upside-down in a kayak. It's a critical skill and required to go on kayaking trips.

- There will be a spring break kayaking trip as well, to PN, WV, VA, TN, or NC. Or somewhere else. There are only 8-10 spots for it, and you must be able to roll to go, so go to roll session. E-mail Dave at drnelson at if you have questions.


- The backpacking callout has been moved to this weekend to. somewhere within 5 hours, probably the Red (River Gorge). E-mail Kristin if you want to go, khamann at
- Alex is wanting to get together a spring break trip to VA, e-mail him at smith507 at


- Brian Kozak is going Mountaineering in the CO Front Range over spring break. He and a friend are ascending a 14'er and can brief anybody on all you need to know. bkozak at


- The caving callout is Saturday, March 3, e-mail Brian at bjade at if you're interested. Whew.


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