POC Newsletter 1/30/07

- The CALLOUT is TODAY at 7:00 in PHYS 114. Be there or be not a supporter of the club.
- Buy our T-shirts, they are lonely and want some lovin'. We have over 40 left from previous years, they are comfy synthetic and cost $12.

Outgoing Trips!!!

- There's a trip going to Climb Time Thursday, leaving 5-ish, e-mail me if you're in. Probably another trip to Towers as well, watch the listserv.

  • "Climb Time" is Climb Time Indy. "Towers" is Climb Time Towers. Both are climbing gyms an hour south of here. A great place to go to get better at climbing, people of all skill levels should totally come all the time, to either one.

- The spring break trip to Red Rocks, NV is coming up, e-mail Tom at tgermon at if you're going and check out the message board (from the POC site) for more details.

- Roll sessions are going on this week at the dive well in the Aquatic Center, Fri 7:00-8:15 and (I think) today after the callout. Might wanna double check that with Jason or Dave at jhscott at and drnelson at o Roll session is where you go to have fun kayaking in a pool and learn how to roll yourself back up once you get flipped upside-down in a kayak. It's a critical skill and required to go on kayaking trips.
- There will be a spring break kayaking trip as well, somewhere. Watch for more details. You must be able to roll to go, so go to roll session.

- Alex is wanting to get together a spring break trip to VA, e-mail him at smith507 at
- Schweet, mountaineering is back! Brian Kozak is wanting to ascend Mt. Rainier over spring break, e-mail him at bkozak at
- Also he might wanna do something in mid-May as well.


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