POC Newsletter 1/23/07

- The POC callout will be NEXT WEEK (yes, last week we meant next next week) Wed, Jan 31st in PHYS 114. Watch for fliers to put up from Joe.
- E-mail Carol about buying our frackin’ t-shirts! $12
- New people, if you want official membership, which means you can check out gear, e-mail Carol at johns266 at to pay your $25 for a year (or $20 for a semester)

Outgoing Trips!!!


- Kayaking roll sessions are going on again, Wed 8 - 9:30 and Fri 7:00 - 8:15 at the dive well in the aquatic center. drnelson at
- Roll sessions are where you go to learn how to turn your kayak over (with you still in it) when you get flipped upside-down. And to generally have fun.
- Also, there will be a kayaking Spring Break trip somewhere, watch for it. You better be able to roll, so go to roll session!


- People are going to Climb Time Towers on Thursday, leaving at 5-6-ish? Lemme know what time you can make it, I’d like it to be 5. mgluesen at
- Climb Time Towers is a climbing gym on the north side of Indy, an hour south. It’s $10/day or $35/month, with free gear rental for POC members.
- There’ll be a spring break trip to Red Rocks, NV! Get in shape, go to the gym, boulder at the apartment! All skill levels welcome, but you must know how to belay.


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