POC Newsletter 1/9/07

- POCAR is THIS WEEKEND. If don't know everything you should, e-mail Mike at MikeTAlexander at or Ryan at rblank at If you want to volunteer, you can still do that but I'd say we have enough at this point.
- Also e-mail Carol about buying old t-shirts! $12 Or you can get really old ones for free. I think.
- Like this week, meetings for the next few weeks will be at the Co-Rec, aka RSC. By the racquetball rooms on the bottom floor.
- The POC callout will be Wed, Jan 17th in PHYS 114. That's the Wednesday after POCAR but we won't worry about it til after the race :-)

Outgoing Trips!!!

- Kayaking roll sessions are going on again, Wed 8 - 9:30 and Fri 6:45 - 8:15. Matt

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