POC Newsletter 11/28/06

- The Climbing Lock-In is this Saturday, Dec 2. For those of you who haven't checked your e-mail for the last month, the Lock-In is where we all head to Climb Time Towers in Indy and spend the night there. Generally people climb for 2 or 3 hours and then we just play games like tag, hide-and-seek, crate-stacking, dodgeball, hit Joe with a baseball bat, etc until we fall asleep from exhaustion. Then we leave early in the morning. You don't need to be a climber to enjoy this, you don't need to climb, you don't need to spend the night necessarily. It's a huge blast and probably the biggest thing besides POCAR that the club does.

Some notes:

  • Again, everyone who can should come and you don't need to be a climber to have fun o Cost will be $10-$12, will be paid at Towers, and will include pizza and soda o If you drive, make sure everyone in your car is coming back when you do. Take back as many people as you took!!
  • We'll all meet behind Co-Rec at, um, 7:00 or 8:00. Tom said he'd send an e-mail out with more details.
  • Watch for Tom's e-mail with more official info on price and meeting time.

-POCAR is still coming up right-quick real soon. Well, MLK weekend. But you need to sign up soon! Sign-up forms should be in by next Tuesday, to Carol at johns266 at
- Also e-mail Carol about buying old t-shirts! $12.
- The owner of Hodson's Bay is ordering new stuff and if you let Joe know what you want, he can get you a 20% discount for stuff that they're going to order more anyway. Check out Hodson's Bay's stock, talk to the owner, talk to Joe. Not necessarily in that order., jlkruege at

Outgoing Trips!!!
- I'm going to Towers Thursday, leaving at 5:00. If you wanna come let me know.
- There's no Roll sessions this week, on account of the US Open.


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