POC Newsletter 11/14/06

- The climbing lock-in is Saturday, Dec 2! E-mail Tom if you're going, tgermon at! Basically we just all spend the night at Climb Time Towers in Indy, for $10-$12 bucks a person, which includes pizza and soda. You don't even need to spend the night or be a climber at all. Just come, climb or watch people climb for a couple hours, then play dodgeball/crate-stacking/hide-and-seek/whatever til you pass out. Of exhaustion.
- POCAR is still coming up! This is POC's biggest event each year. It's a 40-60 mile adventure race over 48 hours, MLK weekend in January. Teams of 4-6 people trek to orienteering checkpoints in the backcountry. Sign-up fee is $20 for POC members, it's a lot of fun! If you don't race, at least volunteer; pretty much everyone in the club is involved if they can be. rblank at
- Remember to return your gear!!!! .jerks - Joe likes rainbows.

Outgoing Trips!!!


- Marie wants to go to Towers tomorrow, Wednesday, leaving in the evening. E-mail mabernat at for more info.
- Tom is going to a bouldering competition in Cincinnati on Saturday, leaving in the morning. To compete it's $30, but it's also fun just to watch. tgermon at
- Matt (me) wants to go to Towers Sunday at noon, e-mail me at mgluesen at if you wanna go.


- Roll sessions are going on this week, Wed 8:00 - 9:30, Fri 7:00 - 8:15. E-mail Dave for more info, drnelson at
- Also, Thursday at 8:00 in KNOY 346 there'll be a big showing of a bunch of kayaking videos (and movies?). The room is really decked out with nice A/V stuff, it'll be great.

- Matt

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