POC Newsletter 10/24/06

- The climbing lock-in is coming up sometime in November! This is one of the most looked-forward to things every year/semester. You don't need to be a climber or even plan to climb to have a great time. Basically we just all spend the night at Climb Time Towers in Indy, for $10-$12 bucks a person, which includes pizza and soda. You don't even need to spend the night. Just come, climb for a couple hours, then play dodgeball/crate-stacking/hide-and-seek/whatever til you pass out. Of exhaustion.
- If you want to go to an expensive but fun trip to Ecuador, check out this website:
- Like Ryan's e-mail said, pick some teams and sign up for POCAR!! This is POC's biggest event each year. It's a 40-60 mile adventure race over 48 hours, MLK weekend in January. Teams of 4-6 people trek to orienteering checkpoints in the backcountry. Sign-up fee is $20 for POC members, it's a lot of fun! If you don't race, at least volunteer; pretty much everyone in the club is involved if they can be. rblank at

Outgoing Trips!!!


- I'm going to Climb Time Thursday evening, tentative time 5:00. mgluesen at khamann at 

  • Climb Time Towers is a climbing gym about an hour away on the north side of Indianapolis. $11 for one day, $35 for a month, free gear rental for club members, or just grab something from the closet. Anyone is welcome.

- Marie wants to go to the Red this weekend, any takers? Or any other outdoor place, Jackson Falls, whatev. mabernat at

  • The Red is Red River Gorge. It's the place we usually climb outside at, 5 hours away in KY. The New is the New River Gorge in WV, another area with lots of crags to climb. You probably won't have much to climb unless you can do 5.9s at least. khamann at 

- Roll session this Friday is cancelled, everything else is on. I think. E-mail drnelson at
Adventure Racing
- There's a Halloween orienteering meet Sunday evening, just an hour long, $10 signup. The kind where you see how many of 20 or 30 checkpoints you can find in an hour. They have candy! rblank at

- Get ready for POCAR!!

- Matt

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