POC Newsletter 10/3/06

- In light of the events of a recent trip, the Purdue Outing Club officers would like to remind all club members that the use of drugs and/or alcohol on POC outings is strictly against Purdue regulations and persons found engaging in these activities will be subject to the full extent of Purdue's discipline, as well as POC discipline, such as membership annihilation.
- The meeting after next week (the 17th) we'll be back in the Co-Rec. The meeting next week is still in UNIV 117.
- When you check out gear, try to only check it out during the week before you use it, and return it ASAP. We've had a lot of gear missing lately, let's fix that, people.
- We have lots of t-shirts leftover from past years. Last year's are nice poly-something material and really spiffy, for $12. If you want to purchase one, attend meetings after we're back at the Co-Rec and they'll be real close at hand.
- Speaking of t-shirts, it's time to start coming up with new designs for this year's! If you're artistic, e-mail something to the listserv. Or an officer, any officer.
- If you are leading a trip, before you leave remember to turn in 2 things to the front desk of the Co-Rec: the attached trip form (put it in Vinnie's mailbox), and copies of all the drivers' car insurance info (they can make copies for you)
- In contrast with what has been stated before around the club, driver forms are not necessary unless you drive a university vehicle. Which is a HUGE hassle, so basically you'll never need to see them or touch those icky things.

Outgoing Trips!!!


- If anyone wants to lead a trip to either Towers this week or weekend, or to the Red or the New or wherever else, send an e-mail to the listserv. C'mon, people! khamann at 

  • Climb Time Towers is a climbing gym about an hour away on the north side of Indianapolis. $11 for one day, $35 for a month, free gear rental for club members, or just grab something from the closet. The Red is Red River Gorge. It's the place we usually climb outside at, 5 hours away in KY. The New is the New River Gorge in WV, another area with lots of crags to climb. dkoger at 

- Nada this weekend, hope everyone had fun last weekend.
- There's a trip to NC this weekend but it's completely full.
- Luckily there will be another callout forthcoming this fall. More info will be posted as it becomes available but if you're extremely impatient, e-mail Jason at jhscott at
- If you want to Kayak you need to first pass a swim test. There will be just 1 or 3 more chances to do this this semester. E-mail Dave for more info, drnelson at
Adventure Racing
- Nada this week, if you want to lead a trip, e-mail the listserv!
Mountain Biking
- Nada this week, if you want to lead a trip, e-mail the listserv!

- Matt

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