POC Newsletter 9/5/06

Since it's still the beginning of the year, I'll add some details about these various events that we regularly do, and then taper off the details as the year goes on. Cool? Cool.

- POC Picnic on the 19th, at Pickett Park, subject to weather.
- There are two steps to being in POC. First, get on the listserv. If you are not on the listserv, please email me and explain how in blazes you got this newsletter. After that first most crucial step, turn in the waiver to Carol and, if you want to check out gear, pay $25 for the year or $20 for the semester. You can do this at any meeting, or e-mail Carol and she will try to fit you into her hectic schedule. johns266 at

Outgoing Trips!!!
- Tom is leading a few climbing callouts: Thu and Fri at Towers, Sunday at the Unlikely Wall, and next weekend (Sep 15-17th) at the Red. For the Red trip, you must have climbed with Tom before. tgermon at

  • Climb Time Towers is a climbing gym about an hour away on the north side of Indianapolis. The Red is Red River Gorge. It's the place we usually climb outside at, 5 hours away in KY. The Unlikely Wall is outdoor climbing a couple hours away.

- Roll sessions for climbing start on Friday, and will be Wednesday and Friday somewhere around 6:30-8:00. Dave will e-mail the listserv when he knows what time. The first kayaking trip will be October break, so get ready! You must be able to roll for almost all outdoor kayaking trips. drnelson at

  • Roll sessions are held at the aquatic center. You get to play with a kayak in the pool, and learn how to roll, a critical kayaking skill.

- Ryan is leading a few teams on adventure races this weekend. Teams are full but you can come cheer and help! kbaldauf at
- There is an orienteering meet Sep 16th, this is the Adventure Racing callout. It's fun! kbaldauf at
- Climbing in Jackson Falls, IL, you oughtta but not must know how to belay. dkoger at o Jackson Falls is some nice climbing about 4 hours away. Matt

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