POC Newsletter 8/29/06

Since it's still the beginning of the year, I'll add some details about these various events that we regularly do, and then taper off the details as the year goes on. Cool? Cool.


- POC Callout is still TOMORROW, Wed, August 30, WTHR 200. Everyone go there to show off to all those freshman and other new people how awesome and huge we are, and watch cool videos and pictures.
- The meeting on Tue, Sep. 19th will be our pseudo-semesterly-and/or-some-of-the-time picnic, outdoors somewhere, with a grill.

Outgoing Trips!!!

- Kristin is climbing at the New this weekend, but no beginners. khamann at

  • The New is The New River Gorge, in WV with lots of crags to climb. Also backpacking and camping, and kayaking.

- If anyone who can lead climb would like to climb at the Red or Jackson Falls this weekend, let Carol know. Also people who'll go if she does find someone who can lead. johns266 at

  • The Red is Red River Gorge. It's the place we usually climb outside at, 5 hours away in KY. Jackson falls is nice for climbing, too.

- The Kayaking callout is this weekend, in NC. However, they are full on beginners, although if you can drive yourself (and hopefully other people who come in addition to you) email Jason. You must have been to a roll session. jhscott at

  • Rolling is a critical kayaking skill, we have roll sessions where you learn how at the Aqauatic Center a few times a week.

- Climb Time Towers on Thursday, meet behind the Co-Rec at 5:00. E-mail Joerg if you're coming, joerg at

  • Climb Time Towers is a climbing gym about an hour south, the north side of Indianapolis. All skill levels are welcome.

- Bouldering tonight at Drake and Kei's place, 1200 Happy Hollow Rd., Apt. 502. Show up anytime before like 11 or something.

  • Bouldering is climbing without ropes at safe heights, in this case no taller than an apartment ceiling. One More Thing. This weekend and last weekend were kind of anomalies; there are usually more trips open to beginners, and definitely will be with all the activity callouts that will be announced during and after the club callout tomorrow.

So see you all you people around! Matt

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