POC Newsletter 3/1/05

- - -Yeah...So we're going to have to postpone our camping on the memorial mall until later. Sorry.
- - -Officer elections are coming up. Think about what you can do for your club and for the love of the outdoors.
- - -Kayakers, there is a roll session Friday from 6:30 to 8:30pm in the diving pool.

Outgoing Trips:

- - -Climbers: If you want to go to Climb Time Towers on Thursday, meet behind the RSC at 6pm.
- - -Something else should really be here. Spring Break Trips! (so far) Spring break is closing in, so planning your trips. Check the message board for trip information (Trip leaders should announce their trips there too) If you don't see a trip you like, then propose your own. Even if you can only go out part of the week, just see if anyone else wants to come. Announce it by email or the message board, or better yet announce on both!
- - -Backpacking: Anna (acmarsh at is leading a trip to Sequoia National Park in California. You should be able to handle a week of hiking, but other than that it is open to everyone. Here is the thread for this trip
- - -Backpacking: Daryl Sielaff (dsielaff at is thinking about leading a trip to Bryce Canyon or Zion National Park (or other suggestions) in Utah. This trip may be off, contact Daryl to find out.
- - -Climbing: Nell Gamble (egamble at is leading a trip Red Rocks in Nevada (just outside of Las Vegas). It is open to everyone of any skill level (you can even come and go hiking instead). Some people are flying and some are driving. Here is the thread for the trip
- - -Hiking: Brian Ade (bjade at is planning to hit several of the parks in Utah. This trip is open to everyone. Here is the thread for the trip <>
- - -Kayaking: David Nelson (drnelson at is leading a beginner trip to North Carolina. You need to be able to roll to go on this trip, so go to the roll sessions.

Old News, for New Members:

- - -If you want to help get Purdue to build a climbing wall email Brian @ bphilli2 at for the details of the committee.
- - -If you have any video of your outing activities, email Ryan @ pedela at He is putting together a video of the club for the next callout.
- - -We are selling the POC t-shirts from past years. They are $8, you can buy them in the gear closet.
- - -Hey you with the face, everyone needs to fill out new hold harmless (grey) and insurance (white) forms for this year.
- - -Driving Form! If you think you might drive on a trip this year (it could happen, and probably will), you need to fill out a driver release form.

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, write in the out using a elaborate series of clues leading my from website to website picking up a piece of the message with each clue, and them to me at JoeK at

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