POC Newsletter 5/5/04

For those of you that didn't make it to the meeting you missed out!


- The meeting commenced at 7:07

> From 7:07-7:23, Ari was reprimanded for neglecting to wear a skirt to the last meeting. Her rebuttal was weak.

- Dinner tonight at the LBC at 8! Send off Jackie, Randy, and Vladimir in ture POCer style.

- Chris is going to climb time towers tonight and thrusday.

- Derick is going to australia and wants company.

- Vladimir is leaving for the Red on Sunday and will be coming back Tues. or Wed.

- The week after next Kei is leaving for North Carolina for mountain biking. (Thurs. - Sat.)

Meeting concluded at 7:28

If you have any complaints, i don't care. Send them to Joe. I don't need my mail box overloaded with emails full of jibberish. ;-)

Have a great summer,

Your President,


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