Pololu Valley Camping

Spent a night camping in the beautiful Pololu Valley on the Big Island of Hawaii. We made the 15 minute hike down a very steep switchback hill, the whole time the sound of the ocean waves grew louder and closer, but not yet in view. Just before the last switchback a break in the jungley vegetation showed a deep and bright blue ocean casually breaking against the jet black sand. The beach stretched for maybe half a mile before reaching another steep hill. 

We continued down and made our way back into the 100 foot ironwood pine trees and small needle padded hills. There we pitched our tent and gathered driftwood for firewood. By the way, if ever using driftwood for firewood, get way more than you think you need. It burns sooo fast! We had a casual bread, meat, and fruit dinner and talked by the fire. Nothing too crazy before the tent called us to bed.

The BEST PART of the whole experience was waking up in the morning to a totally empty and gorgeous black sand beach with perfect weather and getting the whole beach to ourselves for about 2 hours before we saw another soul. If you ever get to, camp on a beach! I highly recomend it! 

Not my pictures, but the best one I found of that first view

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