Spring Break 2014: Moab Edition

A group of 7 POC members including myself rented a Purdue van and set out on a 24 hour drive to Moab, UT for a week of camping and glorious mountain biking.  The greater Moab area consists of hundreds of miles of diverse trails with breath-taking (literally) elevation changes, ranging from easy to expert difficulties.  (Red Bull Rampage has even taken place here.) 

A few trails visited during our time there include Slip Rock, Klondike Bluffs, Dead Horse, and Porquepine Rim (my personal favorite).  Rock, dry dirt, and some sand accounted for most of the rideable surfaces on Moab trails, with minimal trees in sight.  Porquepine Rim serves one of Moab's premiere downhill spots.  The ride was very technical (with a double black doamond rating) and contained many rocky drop-offs (some as high as 3 or 4ft.).  A bike with full suspension would be ideal for this trail, though it is doable with a hardtail.  In fact, some professional rider Samsquatch and I met our first time riding the trail jokingly called us crazy for riding there with our hardtails.  The singletrack featured plenty of cliff exposure, and we were all thankful that our entire group survived (especially Rookie).

Other than that, we found an amazing camp site along the Colorado River and hammocked there overnight for the week.  Although I still have a strong distaste for country music, my friends played it in the van and at the campfire constantly, and I developed a slightly higher tolerance for it as a result.  That's about all I have to say.  We had a blast, and I can't wait to return in the future!     



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