Holy Boulders

This past weekend eight of us went down to the holy boulders. Myself, Caleb, Max, and Fern took a stop at  the university of Illinois to meet up with some of my firends and it happened to be their homecoming weekend. We got there and they were having parade so we joined my friend on a float. Afterwards we went to a sandwich place, they made weird sandwiches and one was a burgar doghnut, which was just a burger with a doghnut bun. Onto the actual climbing, we got registered and climbed from 10-3 on some really cool boudlers, afterwhich none of us had any skin on out fingertips. After the competition they had some food, then they annouced winners, I took 2nd in the intermediate division, but we all climbed very strongly. Max was in the costume contest and ended up kicking the competition director a few times... But he ended up winning a bunch of stuff in the ticket raffles. 


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