Labor Day Kayaking Trip to the Nanty (8/30/2013 - 9/1/2013)

I'm not writing this in much detail because I don't have the luxury of time right now, but for the purpose of record, I'm posting this.

Labor Day weekend of 2013, 11 of us went to the North Carolina to kayak on the Nantahala River. There was Miles Evans, Sam Evenson, Nathan Misenheimer, John Courtney, Ryan Smith, Katherine Allemeier, Katherine Dennis, Mariah Miller, Lillian Miles, Karen Nielson and I. We had three cars and we almost cleared out the closet leaving only four boats for this trip. There was paddling, minimum amount of boofing, a decent amount of swimming, chasing down people, boats and paddles, some rolling, rafting up, and plenty of seal launching.

We had 5 first-timers on the river that was John, Ryan, Katherine A, Mariah and Karen. Zen Master "Skinny" Miles was the most experienced and confident at leading and rescuing, plus two-half rescuers that is Nathan who bought a tow tether belt and I; making one plus two halves rescuers in the group. Lilly helped pulled a couple people to shore and saved a couple paddles, still doesn't make up to the fact that she swam twice, TWICE on the Nanty, once blaming it on a rock which she leaned away from it to avoid flipping (don't argue, I got it on video), she insisted that she tried leaning into it but failed, and got her paddle stuck to the rock after flipping upside down. Well, still got to give her the credit for saving the paddle in the end. Mariah did a T-rescue on Katherine A in the river.

Here’s a video of us rafting up so awesome bystanders envy: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=374007069368415

We stayed at this campground called Smoky Mountain Meadows Campground, they have some friendly managements and beautiful views.

Swimming means chugging, well at least for Lilly and all other non-first-timers it was. That weekend, Mary who was late and did not paddle with us, taught Lilly what it really means to be a real bro by taking one for her.

I got a free can of Dr Pepper from another tent site by pretending to be a German.

John now understands the reason why we should wear a helmet that fits well and why we always wear shoes/booties in the river.

Every trip by the POC is the best POC trip Mariah has ever taken.

Karen learned that apparently using a tampon to start a fire doesn't really work. Blow torch still rules, along with tinder cubes.

All in all, I believe all of us had a ton of fun that weekend, at least I did. Big thanks to Zen Master Miles for guiding all of us. We’ll be going out soon, so look out for emails/FB event invites!

PS, lean into the curler and paddle hard!! 

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