Gear Purchasing Policy

There are a few changes this year regarding check requests for anyone making purchases on behalf of the club. 

Basically, there are no more paper forms this year for check requests which many of you have become familiar with over the years.  Everything is done online through a system that I have to put information into for each purchase.

If you are making a purchase for the club, here is the process to do so...

1) If you are not a consultant or officer please get the purchase approved by the relevant consultant (so if you're purchasing climbing gear on behalf of the club, ask a climbing consultant to make sure the purchase is necessary)

2) If you are a consultant, try to get the purchase cleared by either Ian or myself (especially if it is a larger purchase, $100+)

3) If the purchase is tied to an event or trip, you will need make sure the event/trip has the correct paperwork filled out and turned in (event planning form, etc)  We have gotten in trouble in the past for not having these documents on file and still requesting reimbursement from an event that Purdue didn't know occurred.   

3) Once a purchase is made KEEP THE RECEIPT, without the receipt you will not be reimbursed.
  If you need a check sent for payment that needs to be made then be sure to keep the invoice

4) Take a copy of the receipt/invoice so that it can be easily emailed to me (remember, this is to convert paper to electronic form)

5) Fill out the attached excel file so that I have all the information needed to enter online (an example is already filled out)

6) Fill out the form located at the following address... Click Here
  NOTE: There is an option stated on the form which allows you to more easily complete this step

7) Email me the copy of the receipt/invoice, the filled out excel form from step 5, and the finished form from step 6

8) I will then process the info that has been sent to me and the payment will be made as soon as possible, once it clears with BOSO

9) Of course if you have any questions, feel free to contact me

Also, take note that I am unable to attend Tuesday night meetings this semester because I have an unavoidable class from 6:30 to 9:20 but I'd be happy to meet with any of you outside of the meetings if you need anything or have any questions.


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