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The Mailing list is the main line of communication between members. This is a very active list.  If you are always busy and just curious about what we do or are interested in periodically participating in events, thats OK too.  The first step to getting involved with the POC would be to subscribe to this list:

Link: Subscribe to the POC Mailing List

To be a member of the POC, Purdue University Sports requires a waiver to be filled out before you are allowed to do any POC activities. Bring this form to the next meeting, or be prepared to fill one out. 

Download: Club Sports Waiver

The Treasurer and Gear Consultants ask that fill out the google form to be entered in our system. Once entered, all you would have to do is pay dues ($20 per semester, $25 per year) and turn in a waiver. You will then be able to check out gear, attend club functions and trips. This is separate from the website registration and mailing list.

Link: Google form

An optional part of being in the POC is to register on the website.  Once registered, you would be able to submit trip reports, create a profile and browse through other members profiles.  This is also a great way to get in touch with POC Alumni all over the world. 

Link: Register on the Website

Mailing List Rules/Guidelines

Please do not use the list for personal party matters.

We are a club that is dedicated to the outdoors and the enjoyment of that stage through various activities that include, but are not limited to, rock climbing, kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, slack lining, caving, hammocking, and orienteering. Furthermore, the POC email list is not to be used as an after party follow up or any other party manners that are not directly related to POC activities.

The POC is a club that is under the authority of RecSports, which lays down certain guidelines and rules that every club must follow to even be allowed to exist. One of these rules dictates that no alcohol or drugs shall ever be present at club activities. The breaking of this rule would directly result in the disillusion of our club, the liquidation of all of our assets (the $50,000 worth of gear in our closet, the tens of thousands of dollars in our club account, etc) and the severe punishment of the officers that are directly responsible for keeping this club alive. In the future, please keep in mind that it is perfectly acceptable to pursue whatever activities you enjoy on your own time, but that using the POC's mailing list is to be used for club activities ONLY, and that such things as alcohol and parties are not part of club activities.

Thank you,

Kevin Huemann

Backpacking Consultant

How to Unsubscribe from the Mailing List

 This is the step by step guide:

1. Click on the link at the bottom of every POC Email

2. Under the POC Subscribers section, there is a subsection that says:

      "To unsubscribe from POC, get a password reminder, or change your subscription options enter your subscription email address:"

3. Enter your exact email address that you are getting the POC emails from.

4. Click "Unsubscribe or edit options"

5. Important: Do not log in, proceed to the second section titled "Unsubscribe" a click the "Unsubscribe" button

6. Go to your email, and open up the auto email message and click on the link to the confirmation page.  Unless you confirm removal, you will still get emails.

If you still have problems, email me..  Look to the left of this page for Webmaster contact info, or at the bottom of every POC email. 

To Set Up Topic Filters for the Mailing List

Set Up Topics:

Most of you will have to request a password reset, once you get to your options page, it will either show options or ask you to supply a password, if you do not know your password, click on "password reminder" and one will be emailed to the account you signed up with.   If you still can't get to your options, email me and I'll set up the topics for you.

Once you get to your options, scroll down and you will see a list of POC Topics.  You can choose one or many of the following topics and receive only emails about those subjects.  I have spent the last three weeks testing these to make sure they actually work and it's good to go.  I would highly suggest checking the first topic to get general information and newsletters.  If you do not select any topics, you will receive all POC email.

Topics are:

Meetings, Gear, POCAR, Heath & Safety







Extreme Hammocking

Other (NON-POC stuff)

If you are tired of the constant day-to-day emails, another option would be to switch to the digest mode, with this option, you will receive only (1) email per day with all the email digested together for that day.


Fall Semester Issues with the Mailing List

Alumni, Officers, and Others, 

Every year we run into the same issue.  People ask to be taken off the mailing list and it sparks a large debate as well as rude email messages being sent out.  This is not a big issue and people need to just get used to it and let it go.  This will never change.  Our responses have been a completely unacceptable way to act as Alumni, club officers, and club members.  The list is available to us all to discuss our trips, events, and anything related to the outdoors and should be used as such. 

If someone asks to be taken off the list and you want to send a message to them then feel free IF you are willing to represent the club in a kind and courteous manor.  We are here to attract new members and keep the ones we have and the current posts we have seen donot reflect that.  So if you feel like HELPING please feel free to send a message DIRECTLY to the person letting them know how to unsubscribe.  If you can't or refuse to be nice then DO NOT say anything at all.  Always consider if sending a message to the list is necessary or if sending to the person directly is better.  Most likely sending directly is the better choice so please do so.

On this same note, we need to cut down on the "witty" comments and pointless posts to this mailing list.  I believe we are a college network and joking around makes us fun but please limit what you send to the list.  Even consider grouping your "wit" with another message (such as announcing pictures from a trip).

The current situation needs to change across the board.  This includes Alumni, officers, and club members.  This mailing list is a great opportunity to discuss, share, and collaborate on trips and events if we do not cloud it with pointless junk.  So feel free to post, but please keep it mostly on topic and in moderation.

If we continue to have problems we will notify you that your account is under suspension or you will need approval for posting future messages.

This is the only way to help control this problem.  We will warn you first but then do not complain about this restriction.

Again, feel free to post to this list but use common sense when doing so. Not everyone wants to hear your thoughts on every event that happens.  Get outside and do something productive rather than sitting there watching the list.   


David Nelson

POC President (2007-2009)

Founded in 1946 
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