Whitewater Kayaking

This is the sport of paddling a kayak on a river with a good degree of water running through it. Whitewater kayaking can range from simple, gently moving water, to demanding, dangerous whitewater. River rapids are graded like ski runs according to the difficulty, danger, or severity of the rapid.

Whitewater is classed as I, II, III, IV, 5, and VI (1-6) With I being the easiest and VI as unrunnable. Class 5 rating is open-ended and in multiple-level scale, designated by Class 5.X; X being 1, 2, 3... (much like climbing routes). Each increment of the X value is an order of magnitude more difficult than the last. For example, a Class 5.0 to a Class 5.1 is a similar order of magnitude as increasing from Class IV to Class 5.0. (
Source: American Whitewater)

2015-2016 Roll Sessions:

2015-2016 Roll Sessions:

kayakingRoll sessions are Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-9:30pm in the dive well of
the Boilermaker Aquatic Center. You must be a member of the club to attend!
Please read the Standard Operating Procedure prior to attending.

During roll session, you could learn or practice your rolling techniques, flatwater
playboating tricks, safety and rescue techniques such as rope throw and live-bait
rescue in the pool. We will be there to teachand guide you through if you're just
starting out the sport. If are alreadyan experienced paddler, come practice still
and share you wisdom and techniques with us!

Places to go

Places to go

kayakingBig Pine Creek - 20 miles West of Campus
Wildcat Creek - East end of Lafayette
Sugar Creek - 30 Miles Southwest of campus
East Race - South Bend, IN
Nantahala River - North Carolina
New River - West Virginia
Ocoee River (Middle)
& Ocoee River (Upper)




kayakingAmerican Whitewater
Authoritative organization and site for whitewater river info, great for planning trips!

Indiana Outfitters
Trip reports, descriptions, gauge data, directions,...etc to Indiana Rivers.

Hoosier and Canoe Kayaking Club
Large state wide paddling club. Good source of info about all things paddling.

Standard Operating Procedure

Standard Operating Procedure

kayakingPlease read the Standard Operating Procedure
for Kayaking with the club. Link here.

Periodically check the document for any changes.
When and if any changes are made, it will be emailed
to the mailing list likely included in a Roll Session reminder email.


(Revised by Caesar Ong on April 1st, 2015)

  • 2015-2016 Roll Sessions:

  • Places to go

  • Links

  • Standard Operating Procedure

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Spring Break Kayaking | by David Nelson
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