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Caving: Go in clean, come out dirty!!

Caving is the exploration of underground caverns. It can include walking, crawling, rappelling, and climbing. The enjoyment comes from getting away from this wonder of concrete and red brick, challenging yourself physically and mentally, seeing the beauty of the formations, and generally getting really dirty. You may have heard caving referred to as spelunking. Many cavers prefer to say 'caving' instead of 'spelunking'; however, it's the same thing. 


Places to go find...

Places to go find...

Bloomington, Indiana:

Buckner's Cave
Queen Blair Cave
Wayne's Cave
Doghill-Donnehue System - Bedford, IN
Sullivan Cave - Lawrence Co, IN
Harrison-Crawford State Forest, Southern Indianacaving

Find these Caves

Find these Caves

The biggest & longest caves in Indiana haven't been found yet!
Harrison Spring is Indiana's largest spring
Cave associated with Orangeville Rise -
Indiana's second largest spring - Huge drainage area!
Cave associated with Avoca Spring - Huge sinkhole drainage area.
Cave associated with Big Spring -Puts out A LOT of water.
Lost River Cave System: 
-Part of the Lost River Cave System has been found
-There's miles of undiscovered passage though herecaving

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  • Places to go find...

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Caving Documents:

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Purdue Outing Club Caving Trip

Purdue Outing Club Caving Trip - Waynes Cave | by Theresa D'Aquila

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