Climbing Adventures in Tennesee - April 2004

The outers: Marie, Ari, Mike, with POC alumni Yuri and Vladimir.

We drove down to Nashville on Friday and spent the night at Yuri's place. Early on Saturday we drove to Foster Falls and climbed some sport in some nice weather. The routes we did were Twist and Shout, Bear Mountain Picnic, and Miss Prissy. We spent the night at Foster Falls, having to pay an exuberant $24 fee in the morning, and getting devoured by some radioactive insects. We're talking a caterpillar the size of a hotdog, folks.

On Sunday we were originally planning to go to T-Wall, but some local climbers told us that it was closed due to hunting. We opted instead for Sunset Park, which I read a lot of good things about in the guidebook, which I lost. Sunday's adventures began with this very lost guidebook. We waited for over an hour for a local outfitter store to open, only to find that despite their replete selection of trendy clothes, they do not carry guidebooks. Frustrated, we drove to Chattanooga and by word of mouth found another gear store, which told us that the guidebook was out of print, but gave us some marginally useful directions. Almost hopeless, we drove around the hill country on the outskirts of Chattanooga. Eventually we drove into a rich, ritzy neighborhood - we're talking villas, mansions, and castles. Almost ready to give up the search, we spotted a tiny parking lot among the residences with some trail markers: welcome to Sunset Park.

Sunset Park turned out to be a gorgeous crag overlooking a vast valley. I had my sights on a trad route called Blonde Ambition, and despite the decent weather and amazing location, it was free when we got to it. Unfortunately, we got a late start, so it was the only route we were able to do on Sunday. Nonetheless, it was a very rewarding trip, and I hope we come back to Sunset Park to get some more of that sweet rock and gorgeous views.

Pictures from this trip

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