Spring Break 2004 in St. George, UT & Red Rocks, NV

Brian, Nell, Noah, and I, set out immediately (well almost) after class Friday afternoon (around 2pm). We stopped as little as possible and made good time all the way. Not even Kansas could stop us especially since Noah drove that leg. He was super charged on chocolate covered coffee beans and some energy drinks. We made a brief stop at my brother’s house in Denver for an early breakfast. Well, it sounded like a good idea on Friday, but we ended up getting there a little after 4 a.m. local time (Sorry Dan and Stephanie). After some French toast we hit the road. The drive is awesome after you get to the west end of Colorado, everyone should drive out there at least once.

I think we arrived in our St. George Utah around 4 in the afternoon. We hit the local gear outlet to find out about the local climbing and free camping (and of course to fondle some gear). We found some free camping beneath a crag called Prophecy Wall, there were no convinces, but hey it was free. A friend of Noah’s met us at our campsite to climb and hangout for the weekend. Sunday we climbed in a basaltic valley called Black Rocks (for obvious reasons). We stayed on the east facing side as long as we could (apparently in the summer the rock on the east facing side gets hot enough to melt some shoes), then we fled to the cool west facing side. Monday we climbed a 3 pitch sport route on prophecy wall, and hiked up a deceptively tall magma cinder dome that was near our campsite. That night we had some dinner in town and I met up with a friend of mine (and Dave’s), then we all headed down to Red Rocks near Vegas and met up with the rest of the POCer at the campground.

The rest of the week is more cumbersome to sum up since we did different things most of the days. So I won’t try, because isn’t that the college student mentality. There were people climbing and hiking every day, Randy, Margaret (Dave’s and my friend), and I did some mountain biking, and Dave bouldered in Calico Basin one day after he borrowed a crash pad from a neighboring camper. All in all it was an excellent spring break and good times were had by all.

Pictures from this trip

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