St. Patrick's Day at the Red - March 2004

After squandering our ambitious spring break plans (first Red Rocks, then Colorado), Marie and I decided to head to the good old Red for a few days. Apparently, we weren't the only ones who thought of this, as Miguel's was teeming with spring breakers.

Warm, sunny Monday was spent at a crowded Left Flank, educating some Gunks natives about the finer points of sport climbing (catching the tip of the rope, etc.). No pictures from there, as all four of our hands were usually in occupied.

On Monday night, out of the campfire crowd of spring breakers, there appeared POC alum Andy with Kevin and Belinda, who were on their way back from Stone Mountain. We climbed together at Dip Wall on Tuesday (cold) and at Purple Valley on Wednesday (colder) before heading back to the flatlands.

Pictures from this trip

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