October Break 2003 in New River Gorge

Owner: Linda Magyar

Info/Report: 13 of us decided to spend our October break at the New River Gorge in West Virginia. There were two groups that went. The climbers: me, Joe, Noah, Kei, Brian, Nell, Greg, Maggie, Carol; and the bikers: Sarah, Heather, Daryll, and Nathan. The weekend started on Saturday when at about 4AM when we rolled into about the 4th campsite and decided that this one was good.(I should also say that we did quite a bit of driving around since (and I wont name who the navigator was) we seemed to go the wrong direction or miss certain things quite a bit. We stayed there for two nights at a rate of $5.50 which included running water and showers! Later that morning, us climbers went somewhere around Summersville Lake. The group was mixed with beginners and those more experienced, and the walls had a nice variety, so everyone was left happy. We met back up with the bikers later on and enjoyed nice, hot showers.

Sunday, the bikers joined us in climbing. We went to the Junkyard, which was also varied in level. Notable was the climb 4 Sheets To The Wind, it was a pain in the ass with overhangs and cracks.We decided to leave rather late, and ended up trekking back to the cars in the dark with only a few flashlights. Unfortunately most of us were rather poor and not wanting to dish out 5.50 every night so we went down to a free campsite without showers. Incidentally, this was also at the bottom of a big earthen damn with a warning sign.

Monday, Brian and Nell went with the bikers, so the rest of us decided to go back to the same place we went to on Saturday. It was fun, and you got a second chance at climbs you weren't so lucky with the first time.

Tuesday morning we all ate at the Cathedral Cafe in the city, and Sarah, Heather, Carol, Maggie, and Joe left afterwards. The rest of us went to climb at I believe Kaymoor. It was going very well until it started raining. We ended up hiking back in the pouring rain and got soaked, it was a good deal.

Either way, It was an awesome trip!

Pictures from this trip

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