T-Wall and Linville Gorge, October 2003

The outers - Julie, Vladimir, Dave, and Bob decided to spend our 4 days off climbing in the south. We spent Saturday at T-Wall in Tennesee, then due to a miscalculation spent all of Sunday driving to Linville Gorge, North Carolina. We got there late in the afternoon, set up a tent and a slack line, and relaxed for the evening. On Monday, we split up into two groups, with Julie and Dave climbing Daddy, while Bob and I did Mummy - both classic routes, albeit on the easy side. Despite the low rating, Mummy proved to be quite a challenge, since I was climbing it with a heavy pack. On Tuesday, we got up early go get some climbing in before we had to leave, but the weather was against us, and the rock was covered with billowing mist, making it too wet to climb. So despite the early start, we headed back to Indiana and our beloved Halo.

Pictures from this trip

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