Red River Gorge - Labor Day 2002

While some people decided to take advantage of the 3-day weekend and go to exotic faraway places, our group "settled" for the Red. POC alum Tracey came down from Chicago to reminisce about old RRG trips and kick some ass. We spent the first day at Purple Valley, with people doing both trad and sport climbs. Coincidentally, I had a nemesis of a climb there - Come in your Lycra. On a previous trip, I had led it all the way to the last bolt but just couln't get the anchors. This time, I decided that even if I had to spend way too much time (check) and take a fall (check), I'd finish it. And I did.

Stayed at Miguel's - met POC alum Adam Glass, and split off into two groups the next day. My group went to Emerald City with Anthony, a climber we picked up. Yuri led his first 5.8 (Whiteout - first pitch)and took his first lead fall, and I climbed my first 5.11. The trad guys Ritwik & Magnus showcased their usual hardcore antics, but most everybody else got their jollies on vertical crimpy sport climbs.

Despite having a whole another day to climb, we wussed out and headed to Lafayette on Sunday, stopping at Fazoli's in order to clean out their breadsticks.

Pictures from this trip

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