Red River Gorge, July 2001

Hot on the heels of Ritwik's insect woes, here are the pictures from the latest Red River Gorge trips. You have probably noticed that there are very few of them compared to my other sets. As usual, there's only one person to blame: Shelley. After a whole Saturday of shooting utter masterpieces, I got on Bitchmobile, leaving the camera in her malicious hands. Seizing this opportunity to sabotage my photographic endeavors, she (under the guise of deleting just one bad shot) deleted everything on the memory card. However, Shelley and I have come to terms after she agreed to be the photographer for Sunday. Oh by the way, when we were hiding from the rain in that cave (last few pictures), there was an awesome waterfall on a wall next to us. Although we tried to capture its glory, the lighting (as well as the climbing gods) forced those pictures to not turn out. So without further ado, here is Sunday's set!

Pictures from this trip

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