Spring Callout 2008

For the spring callout we wanted to do a cave that was both horizontal and vertical. We decided on Buddha cave, near Bedford Indiana, hoping it would not be full of water. Of course when we got to the cave, it was full of water. So we decided to go to plan B which was about an hour away in the Harrison-Crawford State Forest, we had decided on using Paradise Lost as the backup plan. It was a little harder than Buddha, but it also had a vertical section. The callout was split up into two groups, a total of 12 people on Saturday, and 11 on Sunday.

We parked at the Wyandotte Cave parking lot, and hiked about 15 minutes to the cave. We found it rather quick considering I was going off my memory of where it was. After reaching the cave we geared up outside then I went in first, to rig the two drops. The first was about a 10 foot drop, we used a cable ladder here. The main drop is about 30 feet. It starts out tight but opens up after the first 5 feet. It was nice to find there were three new shiny bolts to rig from. They were in a much better position to get on rope than the old ones. On past trips I have had to use the two old bolts, one of them being really questionable.

After getting everyone down the drop, we continued down a small crawlway to a climb-down that lead to a ledge going around a small pit. After moving around the pit we entered a canyon passage where we had to straddle a fairly deep canyon at some points. After following this canyon for a few minutes we entered a small hole in the wall, this lead into the big room. I believe it is one of the largest rooms in an Indiana cave. It is about the size of one or two high school basketball gyms. After looking at a waterfall and a nicely decorated formation room, we headed back to the main drop. It took a considerable amount of time to get the group up the rope. This was not the best cave to learn the technique, but everyone did just fine.

The sat group was in the cave for about 7 hours, and didn’t get back to the car until about 10:00. The Sunday group was only in the cave about 5 hours. It went a little faster because we had already led a group through once, and we left some of our riggings in place the first day. Overall this was a very tough cave, especially for beginners. I think everyone did a great job. Saturday group, I’m sorry there are not as many pictures of you all. I was slacking a little on the picture taking that day.

Pictures from this trip

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