Caving Callout Fall 2007

For the fall callout we decided to do a two day trip. On Saturday we did a horizontal cave called Breathing Hole, and Sunday we did a pit call Daly Pit to teach vertical skills.

We left the Co-Rec around 7:30 and then arrived at the Harrison Crawford State Forest a few hours later. Once we arrived at the forest we had to stop to get caving permits then stop again because the girls needed a real bathroom. Then we finally made it to the cave entrance around 11:30. The first part of the cave consists of several climb downs some of them are fairly tight, but going in is much easier than going out because you have gravity on your side. After looking around for a few minutes we finally found the way to go, it’s a little hard to find your way at the beginning through all the breakdown. Once reaching the bottom of the break down there is a little bit of crawling before you reach the borehole passage. After reaching the main passage we followed it for a while then detoured off to a big room that had a bunch of little crystals in it. We took a group picture then took a different way back to the stream passage which involved a climb down which turned out be something we probably should have avoided. We then followed the stream passage until it ended in mud fill. There is usually a water fall back there, but since it hadn’t rained in a while there wasn’t any water falling. A few of us then decided to climb up and check out a tiny passage that came out of the ceiling. We followed that back until I couldn’t go anymore then we had to turn around. After that we started back out towards the entrance. Most of the group behind me got a little turned around on the way out, but they waited for Joe and they all made it out safely. Once we were all out we took a group picture then headed off to the camp ground. We were in the cave for about four hours.

Once we figured out where to take showers and camp for the cheapest. We ate supper, watched the movie Super Bad on Alex’s laptop, and then went to bed. In the morning we tore down camp then headed off towards Daly Pit, stopping on the way to get the permit. Daly Pit is a 56 foot pit, which opens up into a nice dome after about six feet or so. I was the first one down and I stayed at the bottom while Joe helped everyone on rope and sent four people down at a time. I took pictures and helped them climb back out. Once everyone had done the pit we packed up and headed back to the cars.

Pictures from this trip

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