Project Cave-Cave Diving-Cave Canoeing

This is a cave that was rediscovered over the summer of 2002. Originally exploration took place by cave diving the sumped 30 foot long entrance which was caused by daming of the lake back in the 50’s. Later, tiny blowing holes in the cliff face were blasted and dug on until a human connection was made to the "BIG" river borehole. This connection was called, "Hell Yeah Connection", due to the narly looking dig which nobody thought would EVER connect into the main cave. We proved them wrong! The cave has passage dimensions of 50 feet wide and 30 feet tall, pretty much throughout the main cave passage. The cave has two levels, most consisting in the lower river passage. There are a few side passages. The cave surveyed to a length of 6,304 ft long. The water level in the cave averages waist deep but can get over 8 feet deep in places such as "Deep Blue Sea". Some places have formations and crystals. The formation room has a series of 10 column formations. A variety of cave life was seen throughout exploration, such as, Blindfish, Blind crayfish, lot's of catfish, bats, salamanders, fish, muskrats, ducks, raccoons, and isopods. The cave had a measured airflow of 4 MPH, and oxygen deficient at 18.5%. The cave was closed and gated after the survey was completed. We recently went back to photo document the cave via canoe!...

Pictures from this trip

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