Trip to the Sullivan Rise - Nov. '02

The following trip report was written by Nate Newkirk:

Jamie, Erik, and I were 2 hours late meeting Brandon at Sullivan Cave. When we were nearing Sullivan Cave we spotted Brandon driving by(with an upset face). Jamie had to explain why he was so late(wandering around Sam's Club eating all the free samples...) The backbreaker passage was as bad as I had remembered it. We are Sullivan Cave Pro's we never got lost or once took a wrong turn and we didn't have a map. We had a little trouble finding the rise, actually we found it and didn't think that what we found was it. We had all expected this huge rise pool with water bubbling up. Brandon wanted me to dive down and make sure it was the rise. We did find a dive belt with one weight still on it. The water was slightly lower than last time throughout the cave. That is one long trip, 13 hours(through water, bathtubs, backbreakers, breakdown). There was slightly more crawling than we had expected.

Editors note: I was not eating "all" the free samples at Sams Club. Besides, I recall Nate appeared on the scene with a chili dog from somewhere. Also, this will be my last POC caving trip before graduation. It's been fun!

Pictures from this trip

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