Caving Callout - Fall 2002

Yeah, another successful caving callout! Our trip left bright and early on Saturday morning. This weekend we were destined for beautiful Harrison-Crawford State Forest near Corydon, Indiana. After mulling around for some time and setting up camp in Wyandotte Woods Recreation Area, we sat around and mulled a little more. Finally we decided to do some vertical work on the Wyandotte Woods fire tower. This turned out to be lots of fun and no one around seemed to care, great! Next we stopped by a well-travelled local cave in order to give everyone their first taste of horizontal caving. I had lots more fun than I had planned! Meredith found the crawl to the pits in the lower level, while some of us had just found lots of small places that went nowhere to fit our bodies into. Everyone survived, yea! Next we took interested persons to do Daley pit (after having successfully demonstrated competence with vertical gear of course). This was a 67' free drop into a room and adjacent dome with a couple nice formations. Everyone survived this with varying levels of difficulty in getting out. Laaate that evening when we were done, Brandon and Jacob helped cook brats, hot dogs, and hamburgers for dinner, excellent cookout! Then reaaalllly late that night a couple of us did another cave. Anyone that keeps up all day and is still eager to go on a trip at 1AM is Hard Core in my book. Badass! Okay, then Sunday came along and it was time to head home. A few people stuck around to visit a multi-drop pit out in the forest and got back later Sunday evening. All things considered, a great trip (I think). I've included comments from some of the trip participants below:

"I had a blast on the trip this weekend! Going for the first time was a little scary for me, but I quickly found out you just have to leap before you look."

Shaina Bolin

"When you enter the cave, you leave it all at the entrance... The light, the day, the homework, the classes, all your worries, everything. Inside, it's just you, well, you and a whole lot of mud."

Matt Dickerson

"Club dues... $25, gas for the trip to Corydon... $5, jumping into a 67' hole in the ground... PRICELESS"

Josh Clark

"I guess I'll be eating hot-dogs for the next two weeks thanks to you people."

Brandon Stephens

Pictures from this trip

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