Colossus - Sullivan Cave

This was our attempt to reach Colossus, one of the largest underground rooms in Indiana. The room is 120 feet high, and about 200 feet long. In fact, it took us 12 hours to reach this room and exit the cave, and Colossus is only half-way to the end of the cave. We had to stoop walk, wade, swim, climb, and take a few risks. The highlight of the trip was probably the so-called six-inch bathtub. A bathtub is a passage with water where the ceiling nearly reaches the water. This bathtub started out as six inches, but we went through the wrong place, and it turned into a 2 inch bathtub, which was fun for all(yes, we had to wear wetsuits). The photos were developed with a matte finish and didn't scan as well as I had hoped.

Jamie, Nate, and Brandon

Pictures from this trip

Founded in 1946 
Built for The POC by Charles 
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