Caving Callouts, Fall '95

We had three callouts this semester. The first callout went to Sump Cave and spent 5 hours inside. Ten rookies and 4 experienced caved together, and had a great time. The breakdown mountain room is extremely impressive. The rookies led the way, and they found Buckwheat's Hole in 15 minutes, as opposed to Bryan and Paul's 5 hours to find it when first exploring.

The second callout went to Buddha-Christian for 4 hours with 7 people. This cave has the most amazing formations we've yet to see, and those who hadn't been caving before were very impressed.

The third callout went to Doghill-Donnehue Cave. This gung-ho group of 12 spent 9 hrs. in the cave. They saw all three entrances. Most were not too fond of the crawling through 2 ft of mushy mud, or the bathtubs, but all came out unscathed.

Old Comments:

I was there on the third callout. Mushy mud is cool! PS. I'm not old!
Jackie commented:
yes you are
Randy commented:
You were there in 95? Wow.  
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