Rogaine race report

Roscoe and I went down to Hope state forest in Ohio to race a 12 hour

Rogaine orienteering race. There were 6, 12, and 24 hour divisions. As

Roscoe had never done a long race before, and I hadn't raced since POCAR

so we decided that the 12 hour race would be the best. We arrived at the

race site at about 2AM local time the night before the race (there was

some terrible traffic on I-65). We set up our tent and hit the sack.


Maps were handed out at 9 AM, and the race started at 11 AM. The maps were

1:30,000 scale (which makes it hard to see the details of the forest) and

were on 4 legal sized sheets of paper. The race consisted of ~60 controls

set over the 34,000 acre Hope state forest. The forest is very hilly,

with a decent amount of thorns, and a lot of mosquitos. After spending

some time with the maps, we opted to mainly cover about 2 of the maps in

the southern region. After short race meeting, the race started.


Roscoe and I headed down a steep trail/bushwhack to get to the first

point. There were several slick rocks on the way, which I

managed to fall down within 3 minutes of the start, scraping my butt

pretty badly (I know, thats hot eh?). I now had the free right to complain

for the rest of the race, just three minutes in :)  We continued on for

quite awhile in the race with no major problems. Then the real fun



We decided to cut over to a high value control point, walking under a set

of power lines. Ohio has had a great deal of flooding (like Indiana) and

therefore all of the streams were flooded. There were two streams (now

small rivers) to cross. Roscoe went first trying to catapult himself

across. As he went, he ran out of momentum and fell into the water up to

his ribs. He was fine, but smelled like dirty water/sewage for the rest of

the race (maybe that is why the mosquitos liked him more :) Next we hit a

set of thorns that took us about 30 minutes to move 50 meters. I was in

the lead, so I had the joy of catching them in my face, hands, and any

other exposed body part.


The race went on for a while longer, passing by the occasional redneck

house on wheels with the confederate flag flying. We made our way back to

the finish and started to realize that we were going to be cutting it

close to the 12 hour cutoff. Even though both of us had blisters on our

feet, and Roscoe was still recovering from knee surgery a few months back,

we started uping the pace. In a classic POCAR like finish, we almost ran

up the last hill to the finish. We were both really sore at this point,

and we sat around the finish line with a distant stare for for almost an

hour following the race.


Overall it was a great race with well set controls. We even managed to

sneak in to a local campground for some free showers afterwards :)


Official time: 11 hours 57 minutes

Point to point distance: 19.4 miles

Actual route of travel distance: 26.4 miles

Number of control points: 18

Total points: 104

Place: 1/3 (most people did the 6 or 24 hour races)




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